Demystifying Workforce Management pt.2…

Is WFM new to you? You’ve been told you should try it, but not sure who to trust to take the leap? Do you need support for an EFM or ROI? Our 20 years contact centre industry experience of WFM deployment could be just what you need.

The WFM tool used to deliver great results, but these days, forecasts are inaccurate, schedules are the same old ones that don’t work anymore & nobody likes, performance is dipping, attrition is growing & NPS is falling. Let us review your WFM estate & help you get your business back on track.

Your team of experts have been using the WFM product for a while & have seen excellent results. It’s still going well, but there’s an overall feeling of being a bit stuck & early-project performance improvements have slowed. Get a WFM health check!

Published by Alec Bowman_Clarke

Alec Bowman_Clarke is a musician, photographer, filmmaker & WFO consultant who enjoys space, art, sound, light & language.

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